About Us


Devon Olives is a family owned endeavour operated by David and Heather Fenney.

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Our story goes back to 2002 when we were expats working in Singapore.  We were on holiday in NZ staying at Taupo Bay in the Far North and having a little time too reflect on life, I started to think about a retirement project, something to keep us busy, motivated, and maybe make a little money.  Something a little bit physical and definitely out of the office.  Something rural, maybe horticultural?

We bought an Olive Grove on the Ocean View Olive Estate near Mangonui, in Doubtless Bay in the Far North of New Zealand.  Our grove has about 350 trees and we have J5, Frantoio and Leccino cultivars.

Why olive trees?  We liked the idea of something green, sustainable and out of doors.  We had been to Tuscany, seen the movie and read the book (several books) and decided to give it a go.  We were vaguely aware of the Mediterranean Diet and that olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) was a part of it.  We had heard that EVOO was supposed to be healthy and besides, Jamie Oliver seemed to use an awful lot of it!  I guess we hoped that olive oil might be a new wave in NZ like Kiwi fruit or wine.   We were somewhat naive but enthusiastic about the idea.

Why Devon Olives? We used to live in Devonport on Auckland's North Shore.

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